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Statistics show that more Kenyans are hiring private investigators for different reasons. It could be to conduct home surveillance, infidelity checks, and even install cameras and voice recorders. Most private investigators deal with marital infidelity, something our judicial system doesn’t take into consideration.

A private investigator, also referred to as a detective, seeks to gather evidence and clues for court cases presented by their clients.   The Private Security Regulatory Authority regulates private investigators in Kenya. Before getting to practice private investigations, one undergoes compulsory vetting by a commission. The commission will comprise officials from the National Intelligence Service (NIS), the Administration Police Service, Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), and Kenya Police Service.

The vetting covers;

a) Individual’s understanding of Kenyan laws
b) Criminal records
c) Competency in Investigation


a) Clearance from NIS
b) Security backgrounds
c) Prove of familiarity with the Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code among others
d) Registration and licensing from the regulating body.

Some of the services offered by private investigators include;

a) Due Diligence
b) Forensic investigations
c) Fraud
d) Private Security and Surveillance
e) Intelligence Gathering

Most reputable and credible private investigations in Kenya are veterans or members of the disciplined forces. In Kenya, private investigation is increasingly gaining popularity. It is a result of the gap in criminal law that deprives the civil sector of investigative services. With many cases and limited resources, the police are overwhelmed, pushing Kenyans to seek private investigators' services.

Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Private Investigations in Kenya

Insufficient Facilities

Police stations record way too many cases that they cannot manage. With the limited facilities, it can take quite some time before your case is heard. Kenyans, therefore, seek a faster and safer alternative with private investigators. Most public prosecutors do not deliver to their expectations as a result of frustrations of shoddy investigations. Kenyans, therefore, do consider hiring PIs. Private investigators work with lawyers, forensic officers, IT experts, among others depending on the investigation's nature. They will deal with diverse forms of crimes; murder, fraud, illegal exportation, asset recovery, and even corruption.

Skills and Expertise

To be knowledgeable about specific subjects, you need someone that is experienced in attaining relevant information. Private investigators are skilled to reveal various elements of the investigation correctly. Licensed private investigators are on the rise in Kenya to their capability to deliver and complete assignments issued by clients. They perform surveillance, detect, and unearth important information with the amount of training and experience they have. Such services can hardly be received from public detectives.

Skills and Expertise

Many people are seeking services of PIs to investigate marital infidelity and private companies’ internal investigations. The cost of services is never an issue to many, given the quality of service delivered. PIs are often committed to providing desirable results for their clients.


In Kenya, Private Investigation services could be charged as low as Sh50,000 to even Sh1milion depending on the investigations' nature. We have several private investigation companies that one could seek their services across the country.   City Spy Investigators, for example, are reputable and leading private investigators in the country. They do offer a wide range of services from marital infidelity, skip tracing, fraud, due diligence, forensic investigations, among others.

Hire a Private Investigator in Kenya

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