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Private Investigators in Uganda
Welcome to City Spy Investigators, a Professional Private Investigation Agency providing comprehensive investigative, intelligence, legal and forensic services to their International clients, Banks and Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Fraud Examiners, Corporate Audit Departments, Internal Corporate Investigators, International Process Servers, International Private Investigators, Corporations, Exporters, Insurance Companies, and other private individuals all over the world. We are a professional private investigators, private detectives, lawyers and forensic experts handling investigations all over Uganda and other parts of Africa and the world..

Background Check

We do all background Check, Fraud investigations,Bank Account Searches, Fraud, Internet Friend Identification, Locating Missing Persons or Hiding Persons, Phone Number Unmasking.

Legal Services

Offshore Companies of Hong Kong, Offshore Companies of Nevis, Offshore Companies of Panama, Offshore Companies of Seychelles, Offshore Bank Accounts, Foreign Companies, Private Interest Foundations, Trusts, Intellectual Property, Ship Registration, Second Legal Passport, Divorce Cases Consulting, International Divorce, Litigations, Private investigators in Uganda

Corporate Investigations

Our Private Investigation Services include but are not limited to: Partner Investigations Background Checks Missing Person Investigations Identity Checks Online Dating Investigations Pre Matrimonial Investigations Arranged Marriage Investigations Surveillance Insurance and Fraud Investigations Child Custody Investigations Child Maintenance Investigations Matrimonial Surveillance Landline and Mobile Phone Number Ownership Investigations Corporate Investigations Asset Investigations Private Investigations in Uganda

Intelligence Operations

Private Investigators in Uganda,and Forensic Experts in Rwanda handling all assignments professionally. Our local staff possesses the necessary qualifications, licenses and permits, wherever required and they fulfill the necessary compliances and render the on-ground private investigation, intelligence, legal and forensic services in Uganda. Our each regional team all over the world has the strength and back-up of an established team of accredited professionals to support any specialized requirements needed during the handling of the case.

Matrimonial Investigations

Typically, an affair is considered a betrayal of trust. Cheating in Relationship in Uganda has the ability to cause significant distress in a marriage and there are many reasons why people cheat on their relationship. Affairs are commonly referred to as "adultery" among married couples and "infidelity" among common-law spouses and committed partners. An affair can go by other names as well, depending on the type of affair involved. What's important to remember is that your definition of an affair is what matters most. Every person and every relationship is unique, and some couples may differ in the way they view this subject. Cheating in Relationships is unacceptable. When a Rwandan woman or any woman is caught by the society cheating on her man, in most cases it ends in separation or mostly divorce. But, interesting, many men get caught cheating — again and again — but are still forgiven. It's a messy stuff, the fight is usually messy, It's obvious! Most Ugandan men can’t get over the idea of another man having an affair with their women. so, how do Cheating in Relationship happen? Those Romantic affairs or casual affairs that seem harmless but end up ruining someones life. The biggest question is, is there double standards by men? Is there a possibility that men are Cheating in Relationships in Ugandan because cheating is deeply engrained in the male gene, and that some women have eventually come to terms with this sad ‘reality’? ‘State of affairs’ Probably because it's a randy male world, or maybe? Because, for some strange reasons, there are women who know very well that their husbands cheat, but they still keep them no matter what they stick to there men.

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