Private Investigator in Nairobi, Kenya

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

Background Checks

A background check will investigate people interacting with you in business based on criteria determined by their prospective or current employer and help you make sound decisions when signing that contract.
conducts a detailed private investigation and background investigations to assure you get the right information and data.
A check of a candidate’s background may include education, employment, license record checks, credit history, motor vehicle and criminal records.
At City Investigators a private investigator company in Kenya, we have years of experience in performing background checks and private investigations in Kenya.

After the background investigation is complete you will be provided with a detailed report either electronically or through paper work.
Each type of check, investigations will reveal different information or new data pertinent to that check and our detectives are very detailed and professional. At city spy we believe that a candidate should get clarification, detailed information from the organization or private investigator in order to understand accurately what specific searches and information are being requested. A candidate requesting the background check and investigations will be provided with confidential and a detailed background check report.
Our premium background checks include:-
-Education checks, Resume, Degree Verification and private investigations.                               

 -Employment checks and Criminal records.                                 

  -Motor vehicle and License Records checks.                                    

 -Credit history and general investigations.                                      

 -Real estate and property checks.                                                                    

  -Civil litigation and private investigations.                                                                             

 -Disguised names and investigations.
Below are the options we undertake:-
City Spy investigators can meet any budget or need agreed upon. These checks are performed without compromising performance. You will be given a detailed report of the investigation conducted.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations

private investigator in nairobi, kenya
City Spy investigators has participated in more than 4000 private investigations in Kenya and Africa as a whole. We have used numerous investigative strategies and skills to stay under the radar without sending out any clues while gaining valuable information and data from infringers and counterfeiters. We have worked with other law enforcement agencies to conduct undercover buys, investigations and participated in the seizure and impoundment of counterfeit goods. Enforce your brand assets, protect your business and control your supply chain by reacting quickly to signs of trademark infringement, diversion and counterfeiting. Our infringement monitoring, investigation and evidence acquisition provide an effective and action oriented to protect your business.

Identify Sources Of Infringement

-Identify sources of counterfeit or pirated goods, including the individuals or companies involved in distribution. -Create and implement online brand protection programs -Conduct anonymous evidentiary purchases that will be admissible as evidence.

Support Enforcement Action

-Execute civil seizures to recover counterfeit merchandise in coordination with law enforcement organizations. -Comply with the letter of the law to withstand the scrutiny of anticipated legal action and testify as needed in court.

Design A Program For Prevention

-Develop a program for anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting that helps you proactively respond to infringements in the marketplace now and in the future. -Setup a security infrastructure to assist you in the prevention of channel disruption, including the design, installation and optimization of monitoring equipment.

General Investigations

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

What is a general investigation?

A general investigation is a case that doesn’t fall into a specific category. Though there are many types of investigation, sometimes a case may require various types of investigation, like surveillance, medical investigation, or trial preparation. To avoid confusion, the investigation is classified as general.

What does it mean when my investigation is labeled as general?

There are many reasons why your case may be classified this way, but none diminish the importance of your investigation. Investigators sometimes find this term simpler than the variety of more specific labels. In other situations, describing the case as general can affect pay structure and save you, the client, some money.
If this title, however, causes you to be unsure about what sort of investigation you are investing in, ask your investigator. Talking with them directly can clarify your desires and goals for the investigation as well as detail the actions of the investigator. Just remember that the work being done on your behalf is more important than the title.

How do I know if I need a private investigator for a general investigation?

An investigation is basically a process aimed at answering a question or confirming a suspicion. Common inquiries include whether spouses are cheating or employees are honest. Private investigators can not only provide evidence legally and efficiently, but the results of their investigations can also be used in court if necessary. Sometimes, hiring a private investigator can mean the difference between losing a case and receiving the compensation you deserve.

Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Investigator

The benefits of having a private investigator aren’t valid if the investigator isn’t credible. Here are four questions to keep in mind when hiring an investigator:

  1. Is your investigator insured?
  2. Are they licensed and bonded to practice?
  3. Do they have experience?
  4. Was a contract signed?

Before you hire a private investigator, know they are employed by you. Ensure they are properly insured before hiring them to work on your case. If not, damages could fall on you if they cause damage to property or get hurt on the job. Additionally, most states require those practicing investigative services to be licensed and bonded. You can ask to see a copy of your investigator’s license and you should be suspicious if they refuse. Also, make sure they have the right experience. Most private investigators have military, law enforcement, or security backgrounds that aid them in providing accurate results.

Illegal Imports Investigations

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

The International Trade Commission has launched an investigation of the extent to which seafood products obtained from illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing are imported into the U.S. and the potential economic effects on U.S. fishermen of competition with such imports.
A letter from the House Ways and Means Committee requesting this investigation states that IUU fishing accounts for up to 31 percent of the global catch of fish. With imports accounting for 90 percent of U.S. seafood consumption, the letter states, IUU fishing creates unfair competition for U.S. fishermen and poses other challenges. In addition, China, which is the U.S.’ largest seafood trade partner, has been ranked worst among 152 coastal countries based on the prevalence of IUU fishing and the country’s response to it.
The ITC will submit to Ways and Means by Dec. 21 a report that provides information on the following.
- the prevalence of IUU products in the U.S. import market
- international mechanisms for monitoring and enforcement to address IUU fishing
- the size and structure of the U.S. commercial fishing industry
- the major global producers of IUU products and country practices related to IUU production and exports
- the extent to which IUU product is imported into the U.S., major U.S. import sources, and the global supply chains of such products
The ITC will hold a public hearing in connection with this investigation May 12 and requests to appear at this hearing are due by April 21. In addition, written submissions are due no later than June 26.
Corporate Investigative Due Diligence

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

By definition Due Diligence Investigations | Due Diligence are the processes of exercising reasonable care to avoid unnecessary exposure. In part these investigations are done to verify stated information prior to entering into a business transaction. The idea behind this type of investigation is to reveal the truth and minimize business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers.

Why conduct Due Diligence Investigations?

For companies who are involved with IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, partnership deals and countless other business scenarios, consideration should be given to contacting us to discuss your needs so we can assist in the design of an action plan using our various services and expertise. The results of our services can act as a spotlight into past dealings and behavior which in turn may give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future. You may or may not like what you learn. Listed below are a few benefits that you gain when conducting Due Diligence Investigations:

  • Reduction of risk
  • Minimize embarrassing situations
  • Obtain and keep peace of mind
  • Ensures reliability
  • Nothing hidden
  • No surprises
  • It’s just a good business practice

Who needs Due Diligence?

By failing to conduct these investigations, you may be inviting problems, issues or even disaster. What if, unbeknownst to you at the time of your engagement, the company, and possibly one of its key personnel is, or has been involved in something dubious? This of course could be embarrassing to say the least, but more importantly, it may damage your company image in addition to costing you time and money. If you do your Due Diligence it could eliminate this.

Proper Due Diligence may identify:

  • Improper or illegal activity
  • Litigation histories
  • Regulatory issues
  • Officers and directors
  • Headquarter and satellite offices
  • Newspaper articles
  • Corporate filings
  • Hidden history
  • Much more…

Below are a few sub-categories of due diligence and a brief explanation of each.

Business Backgrounds Investigations

In business, surprises are not a good thing. Too often business decisions are made without verifying provided information, which can turn out badly in the end.
Smart business people know how to minimize their business risk. They do this in part by routinely conducting Business Backgrounds | Business Investigations before entering relationships with customers, vendors, clients, partners, etc.

Prospective Client Investigations

Prospective Client Backgrounds should be done when considering a business relationship.
Consider these due diligence background checks as a means of scrutinizing the firms you choose to work with now, and into the future, in hopes of minimizing your business risk & potentially embarrassing situations.

Desktop Investigation

We define these as quick catch-all business investigations. It may include any legitimate investigation for the purpose of making a quick educated determination. These investigations are defined by title. What can we find out for you in a hurry from our desktop?
Contraband Goods Investigations

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

Counterfeiting is no longer confined to street-corners and flea markets. The problem has intensified to staggering levels, as shown by a recent Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, which details a 154 percent increase in counterfeits traded internationally — from $200 billion in 2005 to $509 billion in 2016. Similar information collected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) between 2000 and 2018 shows that seizures of infringing goods at U.S. borders have increased 10-fold, from 3,244 seizures per year to 33,810. Relevant to the President’s inquiry into the linkages between e-commerce and counterfeiting, OECD reports that “E-commerce platforms represent ideal storefronts for counterfeits and provide powerful platform[s] for counterfeiters and pirates to engage large numbers of potential consumers.”1 Similarly, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that ecommerce has contributed to a shift in the sale of counterfeit goods in the United States, with consumers increasingly purchasing goods online and counterfeiters producing a wider variety of goods that may be sold on websites alongside authentic products. Respondents to the July 10, 2019, Federal Register Notice issued by the Department of Commerce echoed these observations.2 Perhaps most notably, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) reports that the trafficking of counterfeit and pirated goods in e-commerce is a top priority for every sector of its membership — comprised of more than 200 corporations, including many of the world’s best-known brands in the apparel, automotive, electronics, entertainment, luxury goods, pharmaceutical, personal care and software sectors.

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

Surveillance is bread and butter work for PIs working all kinds of different cases, from missing persons to insurance fraud, to theft and vandalism, to determining if a parent is fit to have child custody or visitation rights to proving marital infidelity.
It’s all about the close and detailed observation of a person, place, or thing to gather facts that can be used to build a case– whether this means watching a store that has been repeatedly burgled to see if anyone is casing it or trying to break in, or watching a person who has an insurance claim in for a leg injury to see if they miraculously get up and start running around.
In virtually every case, technology now plays a major role in getting the job done by enhancing a PIs ability to gather and document intel that tells the story of a crime or transgression.
The technology available now is the stuff of James Bond flicks – micro-bugs the size of a flea, pinhole cameras with fiber optic stalks, stealth drones that hover unseen over suspects and track their every move
Out on the streets, the time-tested approach to getting eyes on the subject and gathering evidence is till very much in play. The basic approach to surveillance has remained fairly static for decades – Look. Listen. Follow.

Social Media – How People Often Hand Evidence Over to PIs

The most important piece of surveillance technology that PIs use is the humble laptop computer.
That’s because seasoned PIs know that the key to most surveillance jobs is actually pre-surveillance work: getting the right address for the subject’s home or business, make and model of car, and any hints about their likely activities and destinations … do they belong to a bowling league? Have kids on a soccer team?
An hour surfing social media accounts and checking Street View on Google Maps can produce enough intel to get a case off the ground, and often enough to even begin compiling a body of evidence.

Visual Surveillance and Documentation

The most basic technology used on almost every surveillance job is the tried and tested digital video camera. Modern camcorders are small and easily concealable but hold tens of hours of footage, have incredible battery life, and amazing zoom capabilities.
Nothing can deliver the kind of clear visual proof an HD picture can, and a clear picture will almost always stand up as evidence in court. Automatic timestamps also eliminate the need for a lot of writing notes.
Like any business, PI work is all about giving clients what they’re after. The convenience of digital formats is a big deal for getting the evidence in the hands of the client quickly.
But sometimes you do need something a little more high tech than dad’s HandyCam. Hauling out your camcorder in a restaurant or office building is going to do nothing but tip off your target and blow your cover.
In those cases, a micro camera makes a lot of sense. You can get them disguised as buttons, bluetooth headsets, or tiny little flexible fiber optic stalks, and can conceal them almost anywhere.
And smartphones, of course, now provide high-quality video and pictures and are completely ubiquitous. No one is going to blink twice if you pull your smartphone out in public in situations where regular cameras are sure to attract unwanted attention.
There are also situations where maximum zoom is the only way to get eyes on an isolated subject. SLRs with a fat zoom lens parked on the nose are still the best way to get those crisp, clear, long-distance shots of the subject of your investigation.
Tripods are a simple and effective accessory. New miniature models made of flexible material are perfect for propping a camera up on a dashboard for hours of coverage or twisting around a railing or light post for a steady platform.
Fixed video, in the form of security cameras, can also be useful when surveilling fixed locations. Although rarely concealed, these cameras are often rarely noticed. This basic technology still holds up when it comes to monitoring public spaces or a business that has granted permission.

Eavesdropping and Gathering Audio Evidence

There are also circumstances where audio recording is the only way to get the evidence you need. You have to be careful with audio surveillance because in some states, all parties being recorded must be informed and grant consent. Violate that rule and you will be the one on the hot seat when the case is over.
You also have to be careful about this rule even when performing video surveillance—video recorders record audio by default, and while you will often be so far away that it isn’t an issue, in some cases the mic could inadvertently catch the subject speaking. If you’re conducting an investigation in a state with strict two-party audio recording consent laws, do yourself a favor and disable it entirely. In other states, only one party has to know they’re being recorded.
Gone are the days of wearing a literal “wire.” In states where audio recording consent laws will allow it, you can make use of unobtrusive wireless body microphones to speak with the target on a pretext, or to “wire up” your client to get something incriminating on the subject. Good models with multi-channel transmission avoid interference and can both record and transmit real-time broadcasts to a base station up to 200 feet away.

Following and Tracking

For surveillance operations, a small, nondescript car with a respectable number of ponies under the hood and some tinting on the windows will do the trick.
Some PIs prefer vans or minivans, which makes a certain amount of sense for static surveillance – but good luck catching up with that Beamer in one. Not to mention the fact that it’s so cliché to be conducting surveillance out of a van with tinted windows that you up the risk of drawing attention to yourself.
Whatever you decide to drive, be sure you have the room you need for your surveillance gear.
It’s easiest, of course, to follow someone without actually tailing them, which is what GPS trackers are all about. Small, sometimes magnetic, battery-powered trackers can easily be concealed on a target’s car. More sophisticated models can be wired right into the electrical system for long-term jobs. In either case, you can follow their every move from the comfort of your office. Trackers now incorporate cellular transmitters that send data over the Internet, so gone are the days of having to physically access the tracking device for the data.
But GPS tracking is frequently disallowed because the owner of the vehicle usually has to give permission for a device to be installed. But if your case is a domestic spat, the missus may be on the title, too, and her okay is all you need to slip a little tracking puck on hubby’s ride. The law is still shaping up around this technology, so stay on top of what is legal in your state.
Cheating and Infidelity Investigations

private investigator in nairobi, kenya

City Spy Investigative Services, Catch your cheating partner, Let Us Catch Your Cheating Spouse, Our licensed private investigators who are experts in investigating cheating partners and who know the exact steps to take in order to uncover the truth for our clients. Ultimately, we are here to find the evidence you need and deserve to know about your relationship. City Spy investigator HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY PARTNER IS CHEATING?
City Spy Investigative Services How do i know that my partner is cheating? Typically, an affair is considered a betrayal of trust. Cheating in Relationship in Kenya has the ability to cause significant distress in a marriage and there are many reasons why people cheat on their relationship. Affairs are commonly referred to as "adultery" among married couples and "infidelity" among common-law spouses and committed partners. An affair can go by other names as well, depending on the type of affair involved. What's important to remember is that your definition of an affair is what matters most. Every person and every relationship is unique, and some couples may differ in the way they view this subject. Cheating in Relationships is unacceptable. When a kenyan woman or any woman is caught by the society cheating on her man, in most cases it ends in separation or mostly divorce. But, interesting, many men get caught cheating — again and again — but are still forgiven. It's a messy stuff, the fight is usually messy, "mpango wa kando" as they call it is frowned upon in Kenya It's obvious! Most Kenyan men can’t get over the idea of another man having an affair with their women. so, how do Cheating in Relationship happen? Those Romantic affairs or casual affairs that seem harmless but end up ruining someones life. The biggest question is, is there double standards by men? Is there a possibility that men are Cheating in Relationships in Kenya because cheating is deeply en-grained in the male gene, and that some women have eventually come to terms with this sad ‘reality’? ‘State of affairs’ Probably because it's a randy male world, or maybe? Because, for some strange reasons, there are women who know very well that their husbands cheat, but they still keep them no matter what they stick to there men. Could this be the reason why some women have given up on stopping their husbands from cheating, and now ‘allow’ them to practice the so-called ‘mpango wa kando’— allowing their husbands to sleep around with other women. The following are the types of affair our team deals in: Romantic Affairs Affairs may be romantic, which is also referred to as "an affair of the heart". These are sometimes in the form of sexual liaisons among unwed or wedded parties, though that is not always the case. It may also be considered some form or another of non-monogamy. Casual Affairs A casual affair is a physical and often emotional affair between two people who may engage in sexual relations. However, they often do so without the expectation of a more formalized romantic relationship. Emotional Affairs A platonic relationship may be called a romantic affair as well. Termed emotional affair, it is one that lacks sexual intimacy but has intense or enduring emotional intimacy. Emotional affairs can easily evolve into sexual affairs and be just as threatening to the primary relationship. Even when this type of an affair doesn't cross the line by becoming physical, the impact can be just as detrimental to a marriage, since the intimacy involved in emotional affairs can often have a degree of intensity that's deeper than a sexual affair. Cyber Affairs An online affair, or cyber affair, is one that occurs online. It may be anonymous; between individuals who may know basic information about one another, like their names, but have never met; or with someone the person knows in real life. Quite often, a cyber affair has emotional and/or sexual undertones. This affair is carried out via chat, webcam, email, text, and other forms of communication. The partners involved in a cyber affair may never meet in person, but the emotional connection and sensual nature of the affair can strain the committed relationships one or both participants are in. Where do cheaters meet the “other person”? By far, we find that the “other person” is most often someone from work or a friend from the past or met on a business trip, and away at school. Why should I hire your City Spy investigators to conduct my infidelity investigation? We are a full service agency however we have a whole division that is dedicated to matrimonial and domestic cases such as infidelity, cheating wife or cheating husband cases. This division’s primary function is to investigate these types of cases and handles a vast amount per year. Our experience in these cases is unsurpassed and second to none. Non-confidential references can be furnished upon request. Infidelity Statistics: Why men and why women cheat Marriage statistics reveal that upwards of fifty percent of married men are susceptible to cheating and eighty one percent will lie about it to their partners. Even men who aren’t married (“committed” boyfriends) become tempted to cheat on their girlfriends they’ve been in relationship for years. However, despite the gender of the individual, victims should be aware that cheating wives, cheating boyfriends, and cheating girlfriends exist and may very well be serial cheaters. By presenting hard evidence with the help of our investigators, most partners will finally admit to their cheating ways and cop to marital infidelity. Every person and every relationship is unique, and some couples may differ in the way they view this subject. Cheating in Relationships is unacceptable. Because, for some strange reasons, there are women who know very well that their husbands cheat, but they still keep them no matter what, they stick to there men.